Legislative Priorities

Justice Reform

Over 50% of the people released from Colorado prisons return there within three years. Furthermore, prison costs are increasing at rates in excess of both the population and the crime rate. We spend more on prisons than on higher education.  This pattern is unaffordable, unsustainable, and unjust.

Restorative Justice

It is time to move our justice system from punishment and retribution to collaboration, restoration and community building.

Advocate for Small Business

Small businesses create 70% of all new jobs, so we must have an economic environment that encourages their prosperity.

Bills in Session

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  • 2019 Bills
    Reforming Our Criminal Justice System: 
    SB19-136 - Expand Division Youth Services Pilot Program - Concerning an expansion of the pilot program in the division of youth services, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.
    SB19-223 - Actions Related To Competency To Proceed - Concerning actions related to competency to proceed, and, in connection therewith, making and reducing an appropriation.
    SB19-143 - Parole Changes - Concerning changes related to parole release to alleviate prison population issues, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.
    HB19-1263 - Offense Level For Controlled Substance Possession - Concerning changing the penalty for certain violations pursuant to the "Uniform Controlled Substances Act of 2013", and, in connection therewith, making and reducing an appropriation.
    SB19-036 - State Court Administrator Reminder Program - Concerning requiring the state court administrator to administer a program to remind criminal defendants to appear in court as scheduled, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.
    SB19-108 - Juvenile Justice Reform - Concerning changes to improve outcomes for youth in the juvenile justice system, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.
    HB19-1275 - Increased Eligibility For Criminal Record Sealing - Concerning increased eligibility for the sealing of criminal justice records by individuals who are not under supervision, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.
    HB19-1310 - Interest On Orders Of Restitution - Concerning interest on orders of restitution, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.
    HB19-1335 - Juvenile Record Expungement Clean-up - Concerning expungement of juvenile records, and, in connection therewith, making clarifying changes to the expungement process and procedure and clarifying that juvenile record expungement applies to municipal courts.
    SB19-187 - Commissions On Judicial Performance - Concerning commissions on judicial performance.
    HB19-1225 - No Monetary Bail For Certain Low-level Offenses - Concerning prohibiting the use of monetary bail for certain levels of offenses except in certain circumstances.
    HB19-1149 - Age Of Delinquency Study - Concerning directing the age of delinquency task force of the Colorado commission on criminal and juvenile justice to study serving emerging adults in the juvenile justice system.
    HB19-1104 - Rights Of Persons Office Respondent Parents’ Counsel - Concerning the rights of persons represented by an attorney through the office of the respondent parents' counsel.
    SB19-064 - Retain Criminal Justice Programs Funding -Concerning retention of criminal justice programs funding.

    Making Healthcare More Affordable and Accessible: 
    HB19-1160 - Mental Health Facility Pilot Program - Concerning a mental health facility pilot program, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.
    SB19-222 - Individuals At Risk Of Institutionalization - Concerning the improvement of access to behavioral health services for individuals at risk of institutionalization, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.
    SB19-193 - Sunset Continue Colorado Medical Practice Act - Concerning the continuation of the "Colorado Medical Practice Act", and, in connection therewith, continuing the Colorado medical board, eliminating the sixty-day limit on the pro bono license, repealing the requirement that a letter of admonition be sent to licensees by certified mail, and updating language and making technical amendments.
    HB19-1307 - Clarify Disclosure Of A Report To At-risk Adult - Concerning the clarification that the disclosure of a report of the mistreatment or self-neglect of an at-risk adult shall only be made to the at-risk adult who is the subject of the report.
    HB19-1147 - Revise Traumatic Brain Injury Program - Concerning revisions to the traumatic brain injury program, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.
    HB19-1279 - Protect Public Health Firefighter Safety Regulation PFAS Polyfluoroalkyl Substances - Concerning the use of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

    Expanding Economic Opportunity and Helping Coloradans Achieve Financial Security: 

    SB19-196 - Colorado Quality Apprenticeship Training Act Of 2019 - Concerning the modification of procurement requirements for state contracts for public projects.
    HB19-1309 - Mobile Home Park Act Oversight - Concerning the regulation of mobile home parks, and, in connection therewith, granting counties the power to enact ordinances for mobile home parks, extending the time to move or sell a mobile home after eviction proceedings, creating the "Mobile Home Park Act Dispute Resolution and Enforcement Program", and making an appropriation.

    Keeping Colorado Safe and Protecting Our Way of Life: 

    HB19-1197 - Protect Social Workers Personal Information on Internet - Concerning restrictions on making public the personal information of government employees whose official duties involve child abuse and neglect cases.
    SB19-179:  Enhance School Safety Incident Response Grant Program - Concerning the enhance school safety incident response grant program, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.
    HB19-1063 - At-risk Information Sharing Between County Departments - Concerning the ability to share information between county adult protective services with county child protective services as well as at-risk adults obtaining their own information.
    HB19-1180 - Correcting The Definition Of Police Working Horse - Concerning the clarification of the definition of a police working horse for the purpose of cruelty to animals.
    HB19-1231 - New Appliance Energy and Water Efficiency Standards - Concerning efficiency standards for equipment sold in Colorado, and, in connection therewith, requiring certain appliances, plumbing fixtures, and other products sold for residential or commercial use to meet energy efficiency and water efficiency standards.
    Making Government Work for Coloradans: 
    SB19-168 - Rule Review Bill - Concerning implementation of recommendations of the committee on legal services in connection with legislative review of rules of state agencies.
    SB19-086 - Update Business Entity Laws - Concerning updates to the laws governing business entities, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.
    HB19-1179 - Public Fund Investments - Concerning the financial risk profiles of legal investments of public funds.
    HB19-1229 - Electronic Preservation Of Abandoned Estate Documents - Concerning the "Colorado Electronic Preservation of Abandoned Estate Planning Documents Act."
    HB19-1098 - Deeds To Convey Real Property - Concerning deeds for the conveyance of real property, and, in connection therewith, establishing requirements for title insurance entities that prepare deeds and establishing forms for the preparation of deeds in certain circumstances.

  • 2017 Bills
    HB17-1329 Reform Division of Youth CorrectionsThis bill was proposed, in part, to respond to horrendous abusive practices in the state’s juvenile correctional facilities as reported in the “Bound and Broken” report out of the Child Saftey Coalition.  The bill changed the name of  DYC to the Division of Youth Services to better reflect the rehabilitative and educational mission of helping children to make lasting behavioral changes to prepare them for successful productive lives.  It established a pilot program incorporating best practices from successful approaches in juvenile programs including trauma informed care and prohibition of abusive practices. To promote transparency and accountability, the bill provides for independent evaluations of DYS’s programs, expanded oversight of critical incidents such as fights, assaults and solitary confinement and established five regional citizen boards to link youth with community members.

    HB17-1326 Justice Reinvestment Crime Prevention InitiativeThis innovative legislation redirects $4 million from prisons into crime prevention programs in southeast Colorado Springs and North Aurora, both crime impacted communities. The money will be used by locally selected and based non-profit organizations to keep kids in school with mentoring, life skills and restorative justice programs, improve community safety by behavioral health interventions, job training programs and activating local parks and community spaces, as well as promoting small business and entrepreneurship training opportunities with local investment involvement over the next three years.

    HB17-1207 No Detention Facility Requirement Youth Ages 10-12This bill prohibits incarceration of youth under age unless they are charged with a felony.

    HB17-1071 Refund Monetary Amounts After Vacated ConvictionThis bill allows a defendant to get a refund for restitution paid as a result of a conviction in a district or county court if the conviction is overturned.

    HB17-1302 Juvenile Sexting Crime This bill modifies the current law which made sexting a sex registry felony, by creating various levels of offenses; low-level infractions with educational components for first time consensual conduct, and high-level offenses for more egregious conduct involving threats and intimidation.  The bill requires the state education department to work  with schools to provide education about the impact and consequences of sexting.

    SB17-224 Relocate Title 12 Driving SchoolsThis bill moves and repeals the pre-existing statutes regarding commercial driving schools. The other pre-existing statutes are edited to comply with the new locations.

    SB17-201 Sunset Domestic Violence Offender Management BoardThis bill extends the Domestic Violence Offender Management Board until September 2022. It also changes the position and qualifications of various members and gives the board more responsibilities.

    SB17-012 Competency Restoration Services and EducationThis legislation addresses the issues surrounding competency restoration services for juveniles and adults in criminal justice system by requiring the courts to consider services for defendants out on bonds or summons, requiring services to be reviewed by the courts, establishing the office of behavioral health, and initiating the duties of the office regarding competency restoration services and education.

    SB17-294 Revisor’s BillThis bill works to clarify pre-existing statutes, amends, repeals, and recreates other statutory provisions of the law that are not clear, perfect, or effective.

    SB17-293 Update Paper Specification Standard For Colorado Revised Statutes PublicationThis legislation changes the paper required for Colorado Revised Statutes Publication, as the current national standard paper has been discontinued.

    SB17-183 Support USS Colorado CommissioningThis bill raises awareness and supports the USS Colorado, a nuclear submarine, by requiring the department of military and veteran affairs to make grants supporting the vessel.

    HB17-1330 No Escape Convictions for Habitual CriminalsThis bill clarifies the current law that states a conviction for an escape or an attempt to escape cannot be used to declare a person a habitual criminal unless the escape or intended escape is the basis of the conviction. This bill states that this law applies to both current and previous convictions and that it does not apply to community correctional facilities.

    HB17-1039 Restorative Justice Communications IssuesThis bills allows district attorneys and defense attorneys engaged in plea discussions to include participation in restorative justice as part of a sentence. The bill also requires the probation department to evaluate the suitability of the defendant to participate in restorative justice as part of the presentence or probation investigation.

    HB17-1168 Criminal Court Procedures For Military DefendantsThis legislation protects defendants who are veterans and those who are currently serving in the United States armed forces by considering treatment options for those who have suffered mentally and includes treatment as a part of the sentencing. Probation is more easily granted and the defendant’s file is sealed if all of the conditions of his/her sentencing has been met.

    HB17-1204 Juvenile Delinquency Record Expungement This bill requires a written notice to the juvenile regarding the right and process of expungement.

    HB17-1303 Judicial Performance Evaluation System and CommissionsThis bill renews and improves on the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commissions. These commissions review judges and recommend to the voters whether to retain or dismiss them. It was set to routinely expire but this legislation extends their lifespan.

    HB17-1238 Relocate Title 12 Credit Debt ServicesThis bill moves the statutes regarding debt management and collection services in Colorado law.

    HB17-1371 Distribution Of Medications To Certain Outlets
    This bill expands the number outlets that hospitals, prescription drug outlets, and the state department of corrections can distribute prepackaged medications to.

    2016 Bills

    HB16-1267 Veteran’s Service to Career –  This bill will make it easier for veterans who have left military service to get job training, apprenticeships and counseling, so they can easily transition to civilian life. By offering grants to workforce centers that help veterans, we can improve the job prospects of those who have served, as well as benefit our economy.

    HB16-1328 Limit Juvenile Isolation in Youth Corrections – I am sponsoring a bill that would strictly limit the use of solitary confinement for juveniles in correctional facilities such as Spring Creek and Zeb Pike. You may have seen the Gazette article last October about kids being held in solitary confinement, one for up to 22 days. We know that isolating angry, out-of-control kids only exacerbates their antisocial impulses.  I want to protect our children by restricting this practice and guaranteeing that such treatment is never used as a punishment or in retaliation.

    HB16-1270, HB16-1330, HB16-1329, HB16-1333 The Business Law Package –  This is a package of bills that will improve Colorado business law. They clarify laws surrounding LLCs, make it easier for Coloradans to partner with other Coloradans when forming businesses, and simplifies the process for correcting mistakes when they file documents with the Secretary of State. Together they will create a friendlier environment for Colorado businesses.

    HB16-1049: Crowd Funding Escrow in Depository Institutions – Last year we passed a bill that helps small businesses grow by allowing them access to new sources of financing through crowd funding. The Colorado Crowd Funding Act allows Colorado residents to purchase stocks in small Colorado companies over the Internet. This year we improved upon the bill to make it more streamlined and efficient so local entrepreneurs can gain access to investment capital.

    HB16-1158  and 1159: Financial Fraud and Identity Theft Bills – These two bills continue the board and investigative units that combat financial fraud and address identity theft. These programs have proven effective at protecting Coloradans from rapidly expanding internet crime.

    HB16-1278: Residential Drug Treatment for Probation – Focusing on treatment instead of incarceration for drug offenses, this bill expands the discretion of judges to sentence offenders to residential drug treatment as a term of probation, even if the underlying charge is not a drug offense.

    SB16-116: Records Sealing  – This bill highly simplified the process for sealing criminal records. If an individual is entitled to seal their records they should be able to do so without facing undue barriers.

    SB16-065: Restitution in Criminal Cases – This legislation reformed a number of practices surrounding criminal restitution so that anyone who holds themselves accountable for their crimes and pays back what they owe won’t continue to be held back.

    SB16-164: Private Probation Summons and Complaints This repealed restrictive regulations on how private companies can pursue summons and complaints in the criminal justice system.

    SB16-179: CDLE Unemployment Insurance Classification We asked the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment to help business owners clarify what constitutes an independent contractor when offering unemployment insurance. This bill helps both business owners navigating Colorado law and workers who need unemployment insurance.

    SB16- 056: Enhanced Whistle blower protection When employees see waste, abuse, or criminal activity they should be allowed to come forth with this knowledge, without fear of repercussion. This bill helps to accomplish that goal.

    SJR16-035: Buffalo Soldiers Highway Memorial – Dedicated portions of Highway 24 as the Buffalo Soldiers Highway. It is important that we honor our history and those who created it. That is what this memorial does.

    2015 Bills

    HB 15-1002: Modifications to Economic Gardening Pilot Project – This bill modifies existing provisions created by HB13-1003 establishing the economic gardening pilot project in the office of economic development, and extends the deadline of the program to 2019.

    HB 15-1094: Restorative Justice Council and Pilot Changes – Restorative justice helps to break the cycle of crime by promoting accountability and responsibility. Keeping juveniles out of the criminal justice system and in school and out of the system is the first step. This bill expands the capabilities of the pilot restorative justice programs around the state and its administrative council.

    HB 15-1131: Release of Critical Incident Information of Juveniles – This bill allows specific information related to incidents that occur in a youth corrections facility to be release as long as the identifying information about the juvenile(s) have been redacted.

    HB 15-1230: Innovative Industry Workforce Development Program – There is a mismatch in our state between industries that need to hire qualified workers, and unemployed Coloradans seeking employment. The bill creates an innovative industries workforce development program in the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade to fund paid internships for students to gain hands-on training in the Innovative Industries.

    SB 15-124: Reduce Parole Revocations for Technical Violations – Colorado has the highest levels of parole revocations in the country. This bill allows parole officers an intermediate step such as a short return to the county jail for minor technical parole violations, rather than an automatic revocation of parole and return to incarceration.

    SB 15-139: Safe2Tell Fraudulent Reports Identity – This bill allows the Safe2Tell program to reveal to law enforcement the identity of a person who makes a fraudulent report if that fraudulent report is felonious.

    HB 15-1246: Crowdfunding Internet Sales of Securities – enables local companies to raise up to $2 million by sale of securities to Colorado residents, who can invest up to $5000, unless accredited, to help Colorado companies expand and hire more employees.

    HB 15-1294: Veteran In-State Tuition Eligibility – ensures that Colorado veterans receive in state tuition for attendance at Colorado institutions of higher education.

    SB 15-254: Extend Renewable Energy Solar Standard – extends the time for municipal owned utility to obtain renewable energy credits for solar projects so that the communities can get more of their power from the alternative source.

    SB 15-102 and 103 – Modifies the Colorado Securities Division and Board to enable them to better  perform their public protection responsibilities.

    SB 15-283 Revise Bankruptcy Exemptions – Increases the amount of exemptions allowed to individuals claiming bankruptcy for tools, clothes, school books, motor vehicles and the personal residence.

    2014 Bills

    HB 14-1013: Advanced Industries Workforce Development Program – The bill creates the advanced industries workforce development program in the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. The purpose of the program is to allow the office to reimburse a business for one-half of its expenses related to a qualifying internship or apprenticeship.

    HB14-1023: Social Workers For Juveniles – The state public defender may hire social workers to assist in defending juvenile defendants. Any report prepared by such a social worker and submitted to the court by the juvenile’s attorney shall be considered as evidence in the proper disposition of the juvenile’s case.

    HB14-1079: Monetary Amount Limited Offering Securities – The bill increases the monetary amount allowed under the limited offering registration procedure in the “Colorado Securities Act” from $1,000,000 within a 12-month period to $5,000,000 within a 12-month period.

    HB14-1082: Life Insurance Notice Of Cancellation – The bill specifies that cancellation of a life insurance policy is valid only if the cancellation is for reasons allowed by law. The insurer must send a written notice of cancellation and the reason for the cancellation at least 30 days before the effective date of the cancellation of the individual life insurance policy.

    HB14-1083: Acute Treatment Units Stock Medications – Acute treatment units (ATU) provide medically supervised behavioral health treatment services to individuals who suffer from psychiatric disorders. Current law does not allow an ATU to have an onsite stock of medications. The bill allows an ATU to procure, store, order, dispense, and administer prescription medications and to receive a supply of emergency kits or starter doses from a registered prescription drug outlet or licensed hospital for patient treatment.

    2013 Bills

    HB 13-1003: Economic Gardening – This bill creates an economic gardening pilot project in the CO office of economic development. Staff members of small business development centers (SBDCs) who have been trained and certified in economic gardening principles will provide 12 months of strategic assistance to at least 20 CO-headquartered second-stage companies.

    HB 13-1138: Authorizing Public Benefit Corporations – This bill permits a corporation to become a public benefit corporation enabling it to promote social, environmental or other community benefits as well as making a profit.

    HB 13-1253: Small Business Capital Study – Establishes a study and report identifying the availability of, need for, and barriers to acquisition of, capital for CO small businesses and also creates a fund for purposes of financing the study.

    HB 13-1254: Restorative Justice – This bill allows prefiling diversion to restorative justice for juveniles, provides for a study of the results and allows offenders and law enforcement to initiate the process.

    HB 13-1292: Keep Jobs in Colorado Act – This bill ensures that 80% of the labor force employed on public works will be Colorado labor and limits outsourcing.

    SB 13-116: Psychologists Evaluate Defendants Mental State – This bill gives forensic psychologists the authority to conduct mental health evaluations.

    2012 Bills

    HB 12-1065: Advance Practice Nurses Deadline for Prescriptive Authority – Over 300 skilled professional APNs had their prescription writing authority revoked by DORA for failing to comply with new filing requirements.  This bill extends the deadline for filings so that critical health care workers can return to work.

    HB 12-1113:  Hire Colorado Bill  – require the State to contract with companies who employ Colorado workers and veterans.  Twenty-Nine other sates have implemented state contract preference bills to ensure state tax dollars are going to provide jobs within the state.

    HB 12-1133: Economic Gardening Pilot Program – This bill would have provided management and technical assistance to second-stage small business.  This program began in Littleton and has been successful in eight other state.  It provides high powered management consulting usually only available to Fortune 500 companies.  It would have helped small businesses, the true job creators!  The was no opposition testimony to this bill.

    HB 12-1208: Recodify the Colorado Revised Statues – Colorado used to recodify the statutes every 10 years and ceased doing so in 1973.  As a result our statues contain obsolete and conflicting provisions, are disorganized and misnumbered; recodifying them would improve the clarity and certainty of the statues.  This technical corrections bill is non-partisan.

    HB 12-1279: Public Financing of State Legsialtive campaigns – This bill is an attempt to help combat the corrupting power of money and special interests in campaigns.

    SB 12-021: Financial Literacy Program for County Residents – Offers a CSU financial literacy course to help consumers learn about mortgages, credit cards, savings & investing – offered free to counties to make available locally.

    2011 Bills

    HB 11-1032: Restorative Justice – Would give victims of some crimes the right to meet face-to-face with the offender under highly-regulated circumstances, and allows for sentences that focus on compensating and repairing harm to victims.

    HB 11-1129: Buy Colorado – Would encourage Colorado’s state government to choose Colorado-based companies when making state purchases, extending similar preferences to veteran-owned businesses.

    HB 11-1132: On-Bill Weatherization – Would allow Coloradans to weatherize and upgrade their homes to save energy and costs, and pay off the loan on utility bills using savings from reduced energy usage.

    HB 11-1203: Criminal Records Sealing – Updates criminal record handling procedures to address new technology.

    HB 11-1219: Uniform Military and Overseas Voting Act – Brings Colorado up-to-date with recommendations from a national committee to ensure our military stationed overseas can vote.

    HB 11-1266: Economic Development – Would encourage investment in Colorado’s small business by creating an enterprise connecting investors to businesses.

    SB 11-260: The Allen Rose Tow Truck Safety Act – Introduced by Senator Morse in the Senate and Representative Lee in the House, gives tow truck drivers tools to protect themselves from life-threatening accidents.

    SB 11-264: Clarification of a Mechanics Lien – Introduced by Senator Newell in the Senate and Representatives Lee and Gardner in the House, clarifies a “mechanic’s lien.